Web 2.0

Am checking in here every week or so, don't always post anything though. Added a Web 2.0 page in my home web linking by LJ, myspace, and youTube accounts.

Fully back online after Buffalo Friday 13th Disaster

Added all Millses currently in LJ to my Family list. Posted a comment to Aunt Alices LJ a few days ago. Still don't have stuff really restored on my Family and Friends space in my web (only Dad and Moms pics restored at this point) and renamed that navigation point Jati Ren Juan (with the later two words which are my Chinese name in Chinese characters).

Will try to check-in at least once a week.


Marked prior entries for Friends list access currently just family members.

In process of consolidating servers for my web space, retiring rented external dedicated server (erejuan), which will be decommissioned by August 15. Working on video clips for the F & F § of my web, may get a YouTube acct. too.

First Entry.

First entry created in response to Beth's message. Decided to cancel Chicago trip, so won't be getting any pictures or anything from there but intend to first post to family specific links below the content I assembled for the DVD which I will eventually burn and send as some family members do not have web access.

At this point only Daugherty and Mills family members (I am the singleton intersection of these two) and friends I've known for 20 years or more are noted in my LJ so don't feel slighted if you're not here.